Unistrong Industrial Co. LTD. was founded in Taiwan based on the idea to serve the global metal market players translating their vision into reality. We started with Tooling & Machinery products. In later years, we expand product line to Fasteners and Stamping products. And recently, in order to broaden the industry network and product line for our customers, we open a new procurement office in Shanghai, China. And we have ambitious plan to venture new markets in the future, so stay tuned to see our development, or shoot us an email to create new opportunity together.

The Unique Unistrong                                                                           


Full product line of fastener, unlimited choice of tooling and machines, variety types of stamping products, inventory management for top tiers’ suppliers, set up and create various turn key projects, etc. In fact, our main business activities is about developing lasting relationships with our customers and suppliers. We treat each and every one of our customers just like family. We take time to communicate with you and understand your needs. We are willing to take the extra step, think out of the box to enhance and add value to the project quality that customer entrusted us with. For that reason, Unistrong are able to offer unlimited choice of product for our customers, turn plans into reality, deliver desired results, along with creating new relationship with suppliers, distribution partners, and expanding to new domains.